It´s all about YOU and your style! 

Backstyle is a unique project: fashion consulting, and a  monthly magazine promoting latest trends and exclusive interviews with stylish people. It's all about attitude and readers can get inspiration, developing their own style, even boost their confidence.

Founded by Alexs Varjao, he came up with it by looking arround and admiring peoples´s style around the world where his work led him on different projects.

We, at, are a friendly community, and we're trying to change everybody's perception about personal style. We want people to feel confident to share their fashion-related issues by talking to our savvy stylists and reading about successful people or fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips.

Backstyle is more than a fashion consulting service, it´s a community of beautiful people inside and out. It´s all about YOU and your style!

Because YOU come first!


After years of listening to my friends and my clients complaining about their wardrobe, about space and how to combine pieces and style, spending time with them to buy new stuff, organizing brand collections in showrooms, styling different types of characters for advertising, publishing videos, and photo shootings, I realized how important the wardrobe is for people and how difficult it is to keep it perfectly neat every single day. That means keeping the necessary stuff well organized, which makes it a lot easier to find and combine the right pieces and decide what to wear that day in order to express yourself with confidence.” - Alexs Varjao

After Alexs Varjao moved to Berlin, in January of 2013, he started to work, making inquiries, prototypes and tests in order to find the right solution to solve this problem of our nowadays society. During one year we went through a design process and brought up to light a creative and innovative product, simple to understand, human-centered and profitable. The idea is to make fashion a vehicle to enable and improve habits and behaviors, helping people to become more confident, economical, creative, reflective and responsible.


Because YOU come first!