Your personal stylist online, face-to-face, who you can share your individual questions
and create your own style guide.
That is totally confidential.

With backstyle e-consulting you can share your doubts, ask every questions you have about your style and get a individual feedback from your personal backstylist, totally in a privacy and confidence way. You don’t know how to create more space in your wardrobe? You are unsure about a combination? Meet online, face-to-face your personal backstylist Alexs Varjao will answer you!

 As your personal style guide, you can keep whole information accessible only for you in any moment.



How to work with your personal e-consulting:

  1. Choose one of the packages below and click on the package to buy. (coming soon)
  2. After buying you will receive the email-guide, with all information how to contact and start to work with your personal
    . (email-guide-  the step by step how to improve your personal e- consulting sessions(creating your style profile, re-organizing your wardrobe, sending  emails with your questions to your backstylist. You can also attach pictures of you wearing combinations or pieces you have but you even not sure about that, etc.)).
  3. You will get a individual feedback of your personal backstylist about each e-consulting session, creating your own style guide.
  4. You will plan you personal meeting online been face-to-face with your personal backstylist Alexs Varjao.


Your packages:

2 e-consulting sessions(2x30min)
4 e-consulting sessions (4x30min)
8 e-consulting session (8x30min)
orientative price*.