Japan – much more than sushi, gadgets and kimonos

Besides accomplishing a personal dream, to visit Japan, this trip has shaken me deeply.

La vie in rose

The "feminine" movement unites from Madonna, Meryl Streep, to designers, models and artists who get involved in the March where the speech goes beyond pink...

Get your Green Card – It's still free!

If the color of the year is Greenery, take it close to you, not only in clothing, accessories, food and decorations.

New Year – Let’s make it better

At Backstyle, we want and will keep sharing positive energy, ideas and wishes to make your life, our life, better, because WE come first!

2017 - What we can expect from US

In the fashion industry, the conclusive and leading words for 2017 are: uncertain, changing, challenging.

Options – do we really need them all

Between trends, designers, street style references, bloggers, influencers, culture and the industry, in the end YOU are the most important!

The world in your hands

It’s common to complain and to try to stick to the daily 24 hours we all have.

September – Turn you ON!

The sun is still there, we can still escape for some days to feel the nature and to prolong the hottest, sexy, season.

Your body, the house of your soul

Short or tall, thin or voluptuous, maybe large, skinny or fat. Perfect.

Return to the future

In one of these lazy summer afternoons (even if we are surviving a very strange season) I find myself looking for the beginning of it all.

Same, same, but different

The pursuit of individuality is, perhaps, one of the most recurring human challenges.

The Next is Now

In times where speed is in all, and I mean ALL, it makes us devour the most simple pleasures and habits. As soon we can, we read a book, or watch a TV series ev...