Photographer Daniella Hehmann - from Munich to LA

Daniella Hehmann is a visionary, creative and innovative photographer with a C.V. which speaks for itself.

Sebastian Schulz: One day in the future

Nowadays, teenagers are living in two worlds. Having a second life in the new media, this is becoming more and more important for the new generation.

Ekaterina Trufanova – from Saint Petersburg to Berlin

At Backstyle, we always like to keep YOU updated with the latest fashion news, because YOU come first. This time, we present a talented young designer, Russian-...

The new retro by Gabriel Venzi

When we talk about "retro", people immediately associate it with readings of decades like 20's 50's or 80's...But almost no one sees the 90's as retro.

Delicately Power, fashion editorial by Alexs Varjao

This December we're proud to announce Delicately Power, fashion editorial by Alexs Varjao.

Sea of Lies by Gabriel Venzi

We have the pleasure to share with you a fashion shooting done by photographer Gabriel Venzi. Sea of Lies is 80s inspired and the outfits are inspired by movies...

Heroes by Alexs Varjao x Sebastian Schulz

With the time comes the change. Since the rising of mankind, society has been changing. Fashion shooting EXCLUSIVE for Backstyle.

Rebirth - Jesus Pastor x tHERAPY

We have the pleasure of presenting you a new shooting, Rebirth, done by our collaborator, photographer Jesus Pastor for tHERAPY Recycle & Exorcise.

Pastel Hues from Stories Collectives

Here we feature a little bit of Mariana Lourenço's work, fashion stylist and founder of Stories Collective, an online magazine full of inspiring fashion storie...