Fitness o'clock - working out in 2

If you find yourself avoiding the gym and the fitness thought altogether, know that you’re missing a partner.

There’s NO perfect body: self-esteem in the naked season

There’s this new trend going on about celebrities breaking free from fashion and glossy magazines’ Photoshop edits.

Tips and tricks to style a modern elegant look

These days, men have a lot of options when it comes to elegant looks.

The many benefits of yoga and meditation

In 2017, it’s all about going back to nature, to green colors, to humble roots.

Top 7 easy tips to a happy life in 2017

Being happy means you have to work a little bit to de-clutter your life and try to live a little bit simpler.

Top fashion bloggers over 40

In today’s age, because of fashion, beauty and different lifestyles, 40 is just a number.

Easy Elegance – new athletic inspired attitude

This year, designers are tired of proposing new sportswear items to introduce into your look, but they’re not done with this trend just yes.

New Chinese Year – The mighty Rooster

The Chinese New Year 2017 began back on the 28th of January, but because at Backstyle YOU come first, we let you breathe in the new to be able to let the past g...

Master menswear like a lady pro

For 2017, designers have prepared a lot of funky trends to satisfy every fashionista out there.

Closet transitions between seasons

We’ve talked many times about editing your wardrobe. Out with the old and unused and in with the new, but well planned.

Season colors: what colors fit each season

Every year there are four seasons. And each one comes with its set of rules to be broken and new or old, yet upgraded, trends.

Gifts for a better world

The planet Earth is going through a lot of changes. There are billions of people fighting in and over a small piece of land.