Alix Muller from the blog AMM

Alix Muller from the blog AMM

Alix is the fresh face behind the blog AMM. She was born in Darmstadt, but she's now based in Munich and she's been writing about fashion for the past 5 years. Get to know her more in the interview below.

Why did you name your blog AMM?

As my blog is my personal playground, I named it after me Alix Melissa Müller.

How do you get organize before you start writing?

As most of my articles are outfits postings, it all starts with picking a look, shooting, editing...and after all that (which takes hours), I start writing the article.

Did you follow top fashion blogs before developing your own project?

I do follow loads and loads; I always loved fashion blogs right from the start.

Where would you like to take your project in the next years?

As Jessie J says „I’m still working on my masterpiece“. I’m not there yet.

What are top 5 staple items in your wardrobe?

Classics, like a denim jacket, dresses, shirts and I always loved shoes and bags the most.

If you were to leave for a deserted island, what items would you pack?

Bikini and sun cream…SPF 50+

Do you like to buy gifts for your loved ones, what are your tricks to buying the perfect gift?

I love buying gifts without occasion. Just because I see something and imagine that the person who’s getting it will love it.

For a night of partying in Munich do you recommend some places?

I loved Ed Moses, such a pity it closed down. I love to dance to hip hop and pop music…not really an electronic type of person. Whenever the music invites me to dance, I like it everywhere.

If your best friend is going on a date and asks you for fashion advice what would you say?

I’m not the right person to be asked. I would probably go totally overdressed. Usually, the „right” answer would probably be: ‘Whatever you feel comfy in’, right?

I don’t leave the house without...

My keys...water, money, phone, and shoes on!

Barcelona, Bangkok or Dubai? What impressed you most?

Someone did their homework. As I visited these cities in the past year, I can’t compare them. Totally different. What I can say is that Dubai disappointed me the most somehow.

My top 3 tips for a photo shoot...

Just do it, don’t overthink, and feel free.

In my wardrobe...

Is a huge mess.

Style is...


If you would like to keep up with Alix’s blog, check it out here.