Charlott Tornow: fun and pleasure with Mit Vergnuegen

Charlott Tornow:

fun and pleasure with Mit Vergnuegen

Matze Hielscher and Pierre Turkowsky are the brains behind the project Mit Vergnuegen. The entertainment and lifestyle project based in Berlin invites you to check the latest parties, concerts, restaurants, exhibitions and everything else that happens in Germany's beloved capital.

The team has won many awards with the most popular online magazine from Berlin and the project is in its 7th year already. Their readers get personal recommendations and everything told with humor for a happy urban life. Discover more about the creativity behind the project in the interview below with Charlott Tornow.

How's winter in Berlin, what do you love most about the city during this period?

Berlin in winter can be beautiful when you’re inside taking a good long bath, because most of the time it’s just waiting in the cold for the Ring-Bahn to arrive. But I like to watch the ice on the Spree on sunny days.

Giving the project that you're involved in, do you ever feel FOMO?

Only when there was ice-cream involved.

How does a week in the life of a reviewer look like, are you always researching or what else do you like to do to unwind?

  • Montag Mule
  • Dry Ginstag
  • Mit Tonic
  • Deperadostag
  • Frei Tai
  • Samstbuca
  • Sognac

Have you ever given a bad review and got reprimanded for speaking your mind?

Most of the time we recommend places and things. Sometimes we write about what can be improved, but with Mit Vergnügen it’s all about fun and pleasure, so we wouldn’t write about something that we don’t like. People don’t always share our opinion on a location, but that’s fine with us, everybody has a different taste.

Any funny situation while scouting a location to write about?

Does skydiving from the Park Inn Hotel at Alexanderplatz count as a fun situation?

How has social media shaped your life since 2008?

#Nolife since.

How did you come up with the name “Mit Vergnuegen” (With Pleasure)?

Divine providence.

Beer or wine?

Gluehwein. (Mulled wine)

Pizza, sandwich, salad, soup or pasta for lunch?

The salad days are over. I’m a soup person.

What’s your 2017 resolution?

I got a telescope as a birthday present in December, so by the end of 2017 I want to know how to read the stars and search for Jupiter.

The last dream I remember...

I was in some weird huge Angkor Wat like mountain temple fighting with a cat. I’ve never been to Cambodia and I’ve never ever had a cat, so... I don’t know what that was about.

My favorite ice cream flavor…

Dark chocolate with chocolate pieces and chocolate sauce.

Sex is…

Something we shouldn’t be ashamed of talking about.

In my wardrobe…

Are far too few hats.

Style is…

The perfect mix of elegance, charisma and self-confidence.

If you want to keep up with the always fresh and creative team, check out their virtual home.