Charlotte OC: “music can be an outlet at times”

Charlotte OC:

music can be an outlet at times

At the end of March, Charlotte OC welcomed spring with her debut record, Careless People. The album was recorded at Hollywood's legendary Sunset Sound with producer Tim Anderson and we couldn't wait to have a chat with the England-born artist.

"The album is a collection of songs that tells the story of how other people’s recklessness and careless behavior can hurt and affect others. It’s also about me being careless and moments where I probably should have cared less, also finding out what I actually cared about."

What do you care most about in this hectic world?


Your Blackburn, England background shaped your artistic voice, what do you like most about your birth place?

I love the house I grew up in and everything around it. It’s in the countryside; it’s super beautiful and sometimes quite eerie in winter.

Why study the guitar? What does it mean to you?

I just felt at ease with it more so than with the piano. I didn’t find it hard work to learn and I just felt like I was getting so much from it. 

You've been in the music industry from an early age, how do you think social media is changing the new generation?

I think that the internet has given us so much emptiness. It’s so easy for us to get whatever we want nowadays and I feel like that has made us hard to please. That’s why my main ambition is to create something as real as possible. 

Can you tell us a funny story from back when you used to work in your mother's hair salon?

Well, she fired me within a week of working there…so that’s pretty funny.

Has your music been an anxiety cure?

Not really, talking to somebody helped my anxiety, but music can be an outlet at times.

What went through your mind before singing on Late Night with Seth Meyers?

My whole life flashed before my eyes and then I thought about my parents and started to well up. Bad idea. Never think of your parents before you sing. 

Witchcrafts or super powers?

Witchcraft 100%. 

In the shower…

Is where I’m my happiest. Everything makes sense after a shower. 

First love…

Happened when I was 24. Blew my bloody mind. 

Sex is…


In my wardrobe…

I have lots of black, green & red clothes.

Style is…

Theatrical, Dark, Sharp, Classic.

If you want to keep up with this dark and mysterious beauty, check out her official website.