Chill, the nudity French photographer

Chill, the nudity French photographer

French photographer Chill is successfully mixing voyeurism, nudity and femininity to change the industry. Based in Strasbourg, Chill's work carries his natural print with beautiful lightning and delicate frames. He likes spontaneity and intimate situations, but more about the artist whose face we won’t get to know in the interview below.

Chill is a self-proclaimed photographer who makes and experiments with glamour and intimate photos. He received a little gadget a few years ago and from that day on he kept improving his skills and turning bodies into nudity art.

“I learned on my own by practicing a lot and trying different things. I don’t prep a lot before photo sessions, I follow my feelings.”

Your online presence is discreet in a world where privacy rarely exists, what can you tell us about the person behind the lens?

At first sight, I'm naturally discreet, even a little shy. I've never been into this superego fever that social networks want when I signed up on the first artistic community website. I came online to share my pictures with other artistically sensitive users and I quickly noticed my anonymity was disturbing some people. But I stayed true to myself and intentionally continued to be faceless. Just appreciate the pictures.

What is the story of the name “Chill”?

It's a nickname my friends gave me a long time ago in high school. I wasn't the kind of guy pushing things too hard. I enjoyed free time and relaxed moments. I kept it when I started practicing photography because I found it was relevant for my works’ mood.

Most of your artistic nudes have a clothing item present, why is that?

I'm not interested into straight nude photography. I'm much more into shooting girls in their own environment, acting like I wasn't there. Very often, there is a clothing item because I think it's part of real intimacy. The way we wear some clothes, the moves we make to get dressed or undressed reveal who we are. It's unique and that's one of the things I like to intercept. I definitely love and always look for the shots between the shots.

Why only women?

I don’t know. But I don’t think it's different. It’s always about searching for the body’s beauty and details in an intimate atmosphere. The difference is primarily how people will see and feel the pictures.

Oysters or peaches to describe the feminine sex?

Oysters, peaches, figs, papayas, apricots, kiwis. All I know is that they're many, they're unique, they're beautiful.

What are you trying to tell the world through your nudity project?

The challenge of capturing and revealing the beauty of innocuous and intimate moments motivates me. I take pictures I like, for me and for the model I’m working with, and share on my portfolio my favorite ones.

How do you explain artistic nudity and how would you pornography?

For many people, nudity is pornography. Seeing nude legs or guessing the absence of a simple bra under a shirt is pornography. Neither artistic nudity nor pornography are bad words or something wrong.

Agreement and mutual respect matter. But to establish a very basic distinction, I could say pornography sexualizes nude figures for individuals’ stimulation. Artistic nudity utilizes nude to highlight the body’s beauty or a subject at a precise moment. It’s always about the contrast in interpretation of makers & viewers.

How do you build trust with your subjects?

I stay true to myself. I always act natural and I think this is perceived by the people I'm working with, contributing to a trustful and pleasant atmosphere.

Are there any funny stories from one of your photo sessions you’d like to share with us?

A few weeks back I was taking some photographs at my place with a model I was meeting for the first time. At one point, she was laying belly-down on the floor and my two-month-old cat suddenly decided to run straight through the room by stepping on the girl's bum. We weren't really prepared for this amount of impertinence.


Is a commercial product of a longtime obsolete concept.


Models, holding my camera. It can be considered like an awkward place to take a photograph, but it's one of the only ways to show a model what he/she can't directly see.

Sex is…

One of the more delightful things in life.

In my wardrobe…

A pair of regular straight fit jeans & several tees with graphic-designs or illustrations.

Style is…

A way to feel good in public.

If you’d like to keep up with this talented photographer, check out his official website.