Have you heard about man Spanx

Have you heard about man Spanx

If you haven't heard about Spanx, then you are a lucky lady or gent who has confidence in their look and who likes natural beauty above all. But, in the cinema world, when you have to play different characters, sometimes Spanx - that tightening of special areas item - comes in handy.

Ewan McGregor, the former star of T2 - Trainspotting, has been working on the new Fargo season and in the latest interview about his career he shares juicy details from behind the scenes. The 46-years old actor isn't ashamed to admit he goes to big lengths to play a part right.

"How do you differentiate the physical differences between the brothers?

Ray is heavier, so I wear padding to play him, and cowboy boots, which make him walk in a certain way. I had to put on a lot of weight for the first episode because there’s a scene in which we see Ray getting out of a bath naked. I had to get a belly, and then wear Spanx to pull it in when I played Emmit. I’ve lost the belly, because I only needed it for the first episode, but I still keep the Spanx because they make me feel like Emmit.

Are these special man Spanx?

It’s a sort of Spanx T-shirt. It compresses me, and gives me a more upright feeling as Emmit."

Source: mrporter