Jil and Jana: twin sisters from Zwillingsnaht

Jil and Jana: twin sisters

from Zwillingsnaht

Twin sisters Jil and Jana launched the blog Zwillingsnaht back in 2010. Their blog is based on their personal lifestyle and their love for fashion, traveling, photography and art.

Why did you name your blog Zwillingsnaht?

We are identical twins (german: Zwillinge) and searched for a word who brings our relation and the passion for fashion together. Zwillingsnaht translated to English means: "twin stitch". These stitches are used on clothes and the grip makes them so much better. The seam lasts forever, like our connection.

On your website you said you started your blog as something fun for your friends, what’s different now? What do you want to do and say with the help of your blog?

Yes! At first, it was only a photo diary with snaps from the weekend. But more and more readers started following our blog and inquired about the stuff we wore. At that point, we wrote the labels under the pictures and so the agencies wrote mails to us. Our favorite posts are about presenting start-up street wear labels, cool designs and prints that deserve a voice in the world wide web.

What funny “twin” life stories can you share with us?

The moment when you are in different classes, but have gym class at the same time. We wore the same clothes and switched on the hall for the whole lesson. The teacher didn't notice until the class was laughing.

How would you describe your fashion style?

Jana prefers street wear clothing with pieces from her boyfriend. Sneakers, denim, Raglan shirts and beanies. When the winter is over, boho pieces give her male looks more female details - 'Evergreen' is the statement. Jil loves the monochrome look. Black, white and a bit grey. The closet is full of basics, which can be combined with every piece.

What can we find in your purse?

Nothing special. Only smartphone, cigarettes, keys and my organizer.

When you get home do you change your clothes or remain in your street wear? 

We prefer street wear. It's a decision for the whole day and, of course, it has never been a wrong decision.

The perfect day…

The best things happen spontaneously. A big electro festival was cancelled, but we hiked through the rainy woods with our friends. It was so much fun. We enjoyed the time together and after the hike, Charlie Cunningham played a living room concert.

When I’m bored I…

Watch series and YouTube videos.

The last book I read…

Die guten Zeiten bringen mich um - Bernd Bliemel.

Sex is…


In my wardrobe…

Overcrowding prevails.

Style is…

Trying out.

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