Kristina Podobed: “in love with female species”

Kristina Podobed:

in love with female species”

Kristina Podobed is a self-taught young photographer based in Odessa, Ukraine. She graduated from Odessa Economic University, but soon discovered her passion for snapping instants about the surrounding world.

Living in Ukraine isn't easy, especially for a young artist. But this is one of the things which inspire her to shoot both models, as well as people sleeping on the streets. We couldn't wait to talk more about her latest project, taking photos of naked friends.

How is it living in the Ukraine, what do you love most about your hometown?

Living in Ukraine is neither good nor bad. It’s just normal. I like that everything is dear and homely up here. Motherland is motherland.

If we were to visit Odessa, what would you recommend we check out?

Just go straight to the seaside!

You studied at the Economic University, but practice photography, do you think is necessary to have a diploma?

Proper education is good, but it’s not necessary, of course. No education brings new perspectives and sets you free from a certain amount of needless academic bullshit. But I would have much preferred not to waste time and money in Economic University and had more photographic training.

What inspired your interest in this art?

I like what I do and that’s my main inspiration.

Your photography had evolved every year since you started in 2011. What originated your latest project and the nakedness approach?

It may sound banal, but my latest project was about the beauty of female body. I can’t say more, it’s a secret! Now, my biggest inspiration is nature in all its manifestations.

Why work with women, what do they represent to you?

I don’t work only with women, but it’s true that they interest me more than males in terms of photography. I’m just more in love with female species! They are all so different and beautiful.

Can you describe the process before a photo shoot? How do you make somebody feel comfortable being naked in front of a camera?

I don’t do anything special. I like it when a person already feels comfortable. I’m not good at making somebody more relaxed as he or she is. And I can’t stand pushing people to pose naked. That’s why I often shoot my friends, they just feel comfortable and so do I. But strangers are OK too, if they are not feeling shy.

Nudity is very different for women as opposed to men on social media, take #NippleBan for example, what do you think about this fine line between sexes?

Oh, I hate it! This is so unfair. This really upsets me and drives me mad. My pictures are getting deleted very often because “they don’t correspond with the norms”. Even if I’ve drawn something over the nipples, I still get banned. 

Seaside or the mountains and why?

Seaside, I like swimming. Mountains too, less people up there.

What’s next? Where do you want photography to lead you?

I don’t know. I don’t want to think about it. I just let things be in due course.


That’s what I like!


That’s what I don’t like. I like showers and being clean.

Sex is…

Everything connected with sex life.

In my wardrobe…

Nothing interesting.

Style is…

A distinctive look or something expressed in special signs or decorative attributes.

If you want to keep up with the talented Kristina, check out her official website.