Lara Eurdolian, the beauty from Pretty Connected

Lara Eurdolian,

the beauty from Pretty Connected

Lara Eurdolian is the delicate face behind the beauty blog Pretty Connected, based in New York. She's the expert when it comes to cosmetics and marketing, and since there have been so many changes in the industry, we couldn't wait to pick her brain.

And like any beauty guru, she likes fashion and gets her inspiration from her many travels around the globe. She's a health freak and practices fitness regularly, after all, the skin shows immediately what you drink and eat and when you sleep.

You live in a fast forward living city, The Big Apple, what do you love most about it and how does it influence your style?

It’s always an adventure. A big part of my blog/life is meeting with brands, celebrity spokespeople and going behind the scenes with a lot of events. The amount of energy and talent that comes through New York is unparalleled and these opportunities would be difficult to mimic anywhere else in the world.

As for its influence on my style, New York is one of the fashion capitols and has such an appreciation for diversity in style that it’s easy to get inspired just walking down the street or at an event. People are so creative here that I’d say someone inspires me style-wise almost daily.

You left marketing behind completely or do you still apply what you learned with Pretty Connected?

I attribute so much of my experience in the corporate marketing world to my success as a blogger. I look at myself as a brand and I am very conscious of what I want to project to my readers and what makes sense and what doesn’t for my brand. It’s really trendy now for brands to create blogger partnership programs that are one size fits all – except that they usually aren’t.

My background has given me the confidence to counter with my ideas while still keeping their goals in mind and exceeding their expectations. I’m interested in creating unique content and sharing products I’m excited about, not being a billboard.

What’s the most fulfilling thought at the end of the day in regards to your blog?

That the most innovative and creative people in my industry think I’m worth their time. Or the idea that I’ve worked so hard that I actual am. That still blows my mind sometimes. 

What can we find in your winter beauty bag?

Mines usually exploding with product but, at the very least, you’ll find a black liquid and kajal eyeliner, a range of nude to wine lip liners and lipstick, waterproof mascara and a travel size SPF.

The beauty industry is changing and a lot of brands are offering custom made products now, do you feel confused by so many options?

I, personally, don't because I enjoy it and I'm constantly working with brands and asking questions plus, I love trying everything. However, I think it can be very intimidating with so many options which is why I try to be a resource, but at the end of the day options are a good thing. It's also okay to stick to your tried and true products. It's fun to try new things, but go with what works and makes you feel good!

You say on social media that you’re a health freak, what’s your morning routine?

Not waking up to an alarm clock, if I’m lucky. Unobstructed sleep is the best thing for your body.

What sport do you practice and how many fitness classes did you take until you found what you like and what suits your body the best?

I had an injury two years ago from pushing myself too hard and doing too intensive workouts, so while I still do classes, and I love cycling and more restorative workouts, I’m more about a healthy lifestyle and being active in your everyday life. I try to walk 2-3 miles every day, split up or all at once. And I love to hike and do other outdoor activities whenever I can.

How has meditation changed your life?

My brain is always on. I have too much on my mind and I think so loud you can probably catch me talking to myself. Meditating is a moment to cut the noise and have some calm. My mind still races, but it relaxes enough that suddenly I’ll have clarity on something going on in my life or a new idea about a project or solution to something I’m working on. It also gives me a chance to reflect and breathe.

Many stars have started promoting the make-up-free movement, what's your take on #NoMakeUp?

I think most of them are secretly wearing some type of makeup or using a filter. At the end of the day, it’s about feeling good and the message is amazing

What are you looking out for in the 2017 beauty trends?

Trends that are wearable and the latest innovations out of Asia (specifically Japan and Korea).

Coconut oil…

Does it all.

On my last trip…

I road golf carts around Isla Mujeres and lounged at the Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach in Cancun.

Sex is…

A good time?

In my wardrobe…

You will find lots of vintage, prints and cut off shorts, athleisure attire and everything in between.

Style is…


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