Miss Natasha Enquist and Female:Pressure

Miss Natasha Enquist

and Female:Pressure

We always love to hear great news from people that we’ve interviewed and this time around, Miss Natasha Enquist is the one who has got something to share. She is part of an awareness and solidarity group who wants to bring attention to the revolution in Rojava, and the female fighters in Kurdistan.

The Female Electronic Music Network, Female:Pressure, organized a submission call and now a playlist to show support and awareness for the women of Rojava. Of course, the talented Miss Natasha is part of the music playlist with a track for her unreleased album "MNE", titled "Villains", which is under her label name, MNE Records.

In addition to having her music be a part of this campaign, this talented woman also has a short film coming out, during which you can hear her songs as part of the soundtrack. But more about The Birthday movie you can read here.

If you want to discover more about this cause, this coming Saturday, February 6th 2016, a board of speakers from Female:Pressure will be presenting the campaign at the CTM Festival happening in Berlin right now.