Munroe Bergdorf, transgender model - "Let's empower each other"

Munroe Bergdorf, transgender role model

"Let's empower each other"

Munroe Bergdorf is outspoken and honest. She is a talented DJ, a transgender role model, although she's not sure how that happened, conquering England with her TV appearances. She has quite a few projects coming up and she teased us by saying that she'll let her work speak for herself.

She is living her life the best way she knows how, keeping things positive and trying to achieve all the goals that she set out for herself. She just got to play in Norway last month, but now she's home, in London, focusing on pushing things forward with fashion and music.

"My personal breakthrough came when I asked myself the question: 'How would I lead my life if I stopped caring what other people thought?'. From this point on, I was then able to ask myself: 'Would I be happier?', 'Would I feel more free?', 'Would I be living the life that I truly wanted?'"

What would you tell somebody who is afraid to come out as transgender?

My personal advice is get on a good page with yourself before starting new chapters with others. A good network of friends is ideal, but ultimately you need to be there for yourself. First stop would be your local GP, who can then refer you to a specialist, who can get the ball rolling. 

How is the transgender community?

I think that there is a general sense of sisterhood between trans women. It's something very special and unique that we share. There will be people you can instantly relate to and others who you may not so quickly. 

You are considered a role model in the transgender community, why is that?

I've not only been quite vocal about my own transition, and speaking out about issues that trans people face on a daily basis, but showing an active interest in subjects such as equality and representation within the media has, at least, got people thinking about the T in LGBT. 

What are you trying to tell the world?

I'm all about empowerment. I guess that's what I'm trying to tell the world. That it's empowering to be yourself and it's empowering to treat others with the respect and dignity that they deserve. 

What's one of the biggest issues regarding transgender life that you faced up or that you heard of?

Self-doubt and self-love. Massive highs and massive lows. I don't think that I really experienced either to such overwhelming extents until I transitioned. I would say that the most important thing that matters during your transition is how you view yourself, how YOU feel within yourself.  Even though it's not all smooth sailing, remember that the reason you started this journey was to be happy with yourself. It's okay to be a bit selfish.

Can you tell us when did you become aware of your transgender identity?

In primary school I never understood why boys and girls were expected to look and act a certain way. I knew that I was different from the other kids. I would naturally gravitate towards activities and subjects that were 'for girls', they just felt more relatable. That was my first inkling that the gender I was assigned at birth was not my true gender identity.

How can someone educate themselves, the right way, about transgender issues? 

I wouldn't say there is necessarily one right way to learn about trans issues, there's so much information out there at everyone's disposal. Organizations and websites such as Transgender Law Centre, National Centre for Transgender Equality and All About Trans are all excellent and accurate sources of information.  

Munroe Bergdorf is...Ambitious.

When I was...18.

My mother said..."You can't reason with idiots...".

My father said... "You can only do your best...".

If I were to meet myself from 10 years I would tell...Stop caring about what other people think.

As a transgender role model I...Try to be the best version of myself and be there for others who are walking the same path.

In this world I would change...How quick people are to judge what they don't understand.

For me DJ-ing...Is a fucking awesome job. I get to play tracks that I love to people and make them feel good.

When I want to relax I...Meditate, light candles, listen to music, eat good food.

10 years from now on...I hope I'm happy, healthy and content.

In my wardrobe...Lots of lace, lots of black and plenty of extra high heels.

Style is...An expression of one's uniqueness and self empowerment.

If you want to keep up with what she's doing don't forget to check out her Instagram.

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Photo credits: Photography by Karl Slater, Hair and Makeup by Daniel K. Palmer, Wearing: Dress by BasharatyanV, Jewellery by Imogen Belfield.