Natalia Shustova – “My style is my art”

Natalia Shustova – “My style is my art”

Natalia Shustova is much more than a fashion blogger. She's a fashion influencer and expert based in Dubai, with a keen eye for trends and media changes.

Shoestova, as she's known in the fashion industry and online, has thousands of followers from different countries. She loves to travel and she mixes successfully fashion with the law world for a stylish life.

Your life is divided between law and your love for shoes? Did you ever attend a meeting where your shoes got all the attention?

I divide my life between two completely different areas. As a professional lawyer I work with people who pay attention not to what I'm wearing, but what I'm doing. However, at meetings in my fashion world, of course there were many times where my shoes were conversation starters. I make sure that my shoes are the center of attention.

Since starting your blog in 2014, you've worn many hats: model, stylist, creative director, consultant, digital influencer and ambassador, but what do you like more: being in front or behind the camera?

I do like to be behind the camera. I’m not a professional photographer, but I always have my own clear vision of how things should appear. I’m always very excited about creating content where I’m not necessarily the model - which is probably the next step for me. I want to move away from being in front of the camera and be somebody who can be less in the spotlight. 

You were born in Belarus, raised in Siberia and you're now based in Dubai, how did all these cultures influence your fashion sense?

My style is my art. I take inspiration from my travels, not my background. Traveling non-stop, seeing different people wearing different things in various parts of the world is what inspires me the most.

What are your favorite style icons – from the old days and from the digital age?

If you want to talk about something timeless then it’s definitely going to be Audrey Hepburn and Bridgitte Bardot who had this never fading boho chic which I feel is very close to me. Also love what Victoria Beckham is doing and the way she keeps herself so posh. Personally, I always try to be a bit quirky in what I’m doing, but if you want me to talk about the digital age, everything that is being done by Gucci and Alessandro Michele is my obsession.

Dubai is changing every year, what do you like most about this luxurious city?

It’s a land of opportunities where there’s enough sun for everyone. If you dream big and work hard, here you can achieve your target sooner than anywhere else. Also, I’ve made so many friends here that I’m very grateful to this city for. 

What are your top 3 tips to packing for a vacation?

  1. Always start from checking the weather forecast. Don’t think if it says it’s not going to rain, that it won’t. I start with checking the weather for the entire duration of my trip, making sure that I don’t bring something that I’ll never wear. 
  2. Don’t forget your credit card, the rest you can buy. As soon as your passport, your partner and money is in place - you’re fine. 
  3. I always make sure my beauty is packed first and never travel without my pharmacy one. Something that you use all the time cannot be available in the country you’re visiting so that becomes a problem. 

You live in a very hot and dry climate, what do you do beauty wise to look so posh?

We’re very spoiled here in Dubai, every girl has her favorite spa and her favorite skin therapist. We can afford to go for beauty treatments as much as we want to. But I’m keen on taking lots of vitamins like D, E, B and C, different supplements, such as a lamb placenta or collagen. My daily intake of all these pills looks fun when put together on the table, but that’s what I do every single day without skipping. 

Looking at your outfits, you’re not afraid to wear colors and mix prints? What’s the secret behind your looks?

I usually start from the shoes, and then it’s about my mood and my daily agenda which can be a combination of very serious meetings, followed by a fashion presentation. So I have to make sure I look good for both. Today, for example, I’m feeling blue, tomorrow I feel very quirky and pop-ish. Then I start mixing and matching, the same way an artist creates an artwork. 

How do you like to unwind after a stressful week?

I always unwind when I’m partying. For me it’s always music, sun, sunset, beautiful friends and a mojito. That’s how I unwind and it’s never going to change.

On my night stand…

It’s usually flowers and water.



Sex is…

A journey with somebody you love. 

In my wardrobe…

Shoes are dominating. 

Style is…

Expression of who you are.

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