How to choose the right make-up?

When choosing the right make-up, women should do a lot of research or look for a specialist in the store. Of course, it’s best if you know yourself and that it’s ok to make a few mistakes along the way, but check out some tips we find useful.

When picking foundation, it’s best if you dab a bit on your neck. If you’re not sure, ask somebody for an opinion and always opt for the lighter shade. If it’s too light, you can darken it with setting powder after, but if it’s too dark, you’ll look like you have a mask on.

In regards to finishing your look, opt for a blush similar to the shade of your lips or a shade darker. This will give you a natural look. As for the lipstick, always smile and see if the shade makes your teeth white or yellow. If it’s the latter, opt for something pinker with less yellow in the color.

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