How to go without socks?

Women have it easy when it comes to socks, although the latest trends let them go wild with socks even on the red carpet. But because at Backstyle YOU come first, we answer your questions regarding when men can go without socks.

Of course, the classic with flip-flops or sandals is a no brainer. Then come some type of sneakers with cropped trousers and loafers. But these days, if you’re not comfortable without or your feet sweat too much, you can opt for really short ones, like women wear with ballet flats.

If you go without socks, just makes sure you have clean feet and you spray the insides of the shoe with a special deodorant so it doesn’t smell. Another thing you might want to do if you’re wearing new shoes, is to dab some Vaseline on the exterior of your feet so you don’t get blisters.

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