How to wear a wig the right way?

If you have to wear a wig for medical or personal reasons, you should know a few tricks which will make the experience less itchy. Check out below how to do it step by step. But we swear by the trick of wearing a cotton wig liner underneath.

Wigs are helpful, but if you have your natural hair, you should have it well washed with no products added. You can put your hair in a mesh next, so it doesn’t get tangled or have it in cornrows. Then you can clean the contour of your face where the wig will be set with glue so you don’t have any natural oils.

Add a special spray to avoid itching and irritation of you scalp and skin, especially if you sweat. Then, apply the special glue which will keep the wig where you want it to. If you’re not using glue because you have to take it off every couple of hours, apply some witch-hazel spray without alcohol to clean your scalp and keep it itchy-free.

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