When should men tuck in shirts?

When the generation of men who like to follow classic gentlemen rules look at the new ways of dressing, they usually roll their eyes. But because at Backstyle YOU come first, you know we always encourage you to do and wear things how you want. Yet, even us like to tuck in our shirts on a few occasions.

Of course, men should always tuck in their shirts when meeting with the whole family, because this way you’ll avoid a lot of “advice”. Then, you should always tuck them at business and elegant affairs (e.g. weddings, baptisms, galas).

Then it all depends on the model. If it’s longer and looser, you can leave it un-tucked, or tuck just a side in a cool way. If it’s a straight, classic model, or way too loose – like linen, it’s best if you tuck it in and lift your arms a bit for it to sit looser in the trousers.

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