Paradisia music – “Sound of Freedom”

Paradisia music – “Sound of Freedom”

Paradisia is a fresh UK band which launched their debut album last month. Titled "Sound of Freedom", Sophie-Rose (vocals), Anna (harp) and Kristy (vocals, keyboard) enchant us with a 70s influenced sound.

We're happy to have caught up with the young trio before they start touring beginning with Omeara, London on June 14th and below you can discover more about the inspiration and process of their project. What's more, we couldn't wait to hear about their work divided between London and Berlin.

You’re based in London, but also worked in Berlin, what do you love most about these two cities?

Sophie-Rose: Berlin and London are creative hubs, there’s so much freedom of expression. When I’m in these cities I feel like anything is possible and that is inspiring.

Anna: In Berlin the relaxed atmosphere, how friendly everyone is. In London I like the East. You can walk anywhere within East London, the area where I live, and you always end up bumping into a friendly face.

Where does the band name come from?

A: We’ve made it up; it’s not actually a real word! We wanted to be called something unique that reflects the femininity and dream-like aspects of our music.

How is it to work with your own record label, Paradisian, any pros and cons?

Kristy: Working with your own label means you are in full control of what you do, from choosing what you release, to being able to make the decisions. There are definitely pro’s and con’s. Although it is satisfying being in control, when it gets tough you sometimes can't help but wonder if things might be easier with a little help! The truth is that it is though, if it was easy, it wouldn't be as rewarding.

What inspired you to launch this album, and what made you introduce the harp to it?

SR: We’ve all been making music for years and when we finished Sound of Freedom, having never released an entire album before it felt like the right time. It’s a rite of passage as a band or artist to release music especially an entire record!

A: The harp was always going to be part of it as it is my instrument within the band. We’ve all got our assigned roles, but we do swap instruments live from time to time.

Unicorns and fairies or magic fishes and mermaids?

K: Magic Fishes and Mermaids 100%. I’d be a mermaid any day.

A: Magic fishes and mermaids.

SR: Magic Fishes & Mermaids.

Beer or wine?

K: Wine, always red though!

A: Wine all the way, I’m French!

SR: I love beer, but wine is less heavy on the old stomach!

How was it recording the album, any funny stories from behind the scenes?

SR: We made it in lots of places, from London to Berlin to Hanover. It was eventful and intense. Our producer, Mirko, is a mad genius, like most brilliant producers are. On the last day, we had literally ONE hour left in the studio we’d been recording in for 2 weeks. He suggested we do a cover and within an hour we’d sifted through Radiohead and Bruce Springsteen albums and decided on “Dancing in the dark”. I think not having much time before our flight meant that we nailed the takes much quicker than most of the songs we had been recording that week!

What words of encouragement would you tell your 15-years-old-self about launching an all-girl band?

A: There’s nothing quite as satisfying as being in charge of your own creative project, especially as women in this industry.

SR: The more control and independence in your own project, the better.

K: To just do it no questions asked, because it's GREAT!

What’s your dream stage to sing on?

K: Glastonbury! May as well dream big.

A: Royal Albert Hall. I would bring my big concert harp out for that one!

SR: Alexandra Palace, I saw Alt J and Tame Impala there. I love that even just to get there it’s an adventure!

What would we find you doing on a Friday night?

K: Drinking cocktails in Soho.

A: At a gig/party.

SR: Drinking cocktails at High Water in Stoke Newington.

Europe Union…

A: Is where I am from. Still heartbroken about Brexit.

SR: Referendum please.

K: What they said.


SR: Is the sound of our album.

K: Is the best gift in life.

Sex is…

A: A real good bass line.

SR: Everything when it’s good.

K: Rock and roll.

In my wardrobe…

A: Exotic jewelry, vintage, jumpsuits and a lot of denim.

K: High heels, two pieces, trainers and a shed load of denim.

SR: Vintage pieces mixed in with a ton of high waist trousers collected over years and a sudden boost of new trainers.

Style is…

A: DIY chic.

K: 70’s baby.

SR: A super fun part of Paradisia party!

If you want to keep up with this talented trio, check out their virtual home.