Prinze George – music, work, cook, dance

Prinze George – music, work, cook, dance

Prinze George is a Maryland based trio, Naomi, Kenny and Isabelle. And while the name is a bit misleading, know that Naomi and Kenny grew up in Prince George's County, where they met their third musketeer, Isabelle, while she was attending college.

Formed back in 2013, the band got the much deserved attention on the Indie music scene right away. Now, Prinze George just launched their debut LP, Illiterate Synth Pop, and we couldn't wait to get to know them better with the help of Naomi.

“The name of your first record is the introduction of you and your music to the world, and I think a lot of bands get lumped into the category of ‘synth pop’ right away if there are any synths involved whatsoever in the instrumentation.”

In this fast forward world, where bands launch single after single, you took your time with the creative process of your debut LP, what can you tell us about the recording days?

We did. We had already released a few singles and an EP, and the album was something we had never done and wanted to get right, especially because it was our first. We recorded the entire thing at our manager’s house in Minneapolis over the course of about 6 months. We would work, cook dinners, drink wine and dance a lot. It was awesome!

Who are the people you grew up with which you hold dear and who influenced you the most?

My oldest friends. There’s quite a few of them. There is something about growing up with people and sharing all of these experiences that ultimately define the story of your life. We are a wolf pack and the dynamics are always shifting, but there is this animalistic loyalty and love between us that comes with having shared so much for so long. I think most people experience that solely with family.

How did you come with the album’s name?

When we released our second single “Victor”, this blog re-posted the song under the title “Illiterate Synth Pop”; which we assumed was a dig at the way we spell our name. While we are definitely synth pop, that category doesn’t cover the full scope of what we do and who we are. We’re also goofy as hell and don’t take ourselves super seriously, so we wanted the name of the record to reflect that.

Who are the artists who influenced your inner ear?

I think all of us are inspired primarily by the way particular artists make us feel, opposed to obsessing over sounds. Our most influential artists don’t really sound anything like us, but have an identity and honesty that moves us. Kenny is a metal head; one time he cried at an AC/DC concert. Isabelle loves Muse and we both love Beyonce. Lauryn Hill, Joni Mitchell, The National and Nelly Furtado are some of my biggest inspirations.

When was the last time you had that aha-moment and thought: man, I’m old and grown up?

I’ve always felt old, so I have those moments all the time. I remember riding the school bus in Kindergarten and having an existential crisis alone in my seat, while everyone around me was having a blast.

We all take different things from each song, how would you describe the feeling you get when listening to "Victor"?

At this point, it’s everyone else’s feelings for “Victor” that dictate mine. I think that song belongs to the people that love it and connect with it more than it belongs to me; if that makes sense.

What nature sound resonates to you the most?

The sounds of the ocean.

How would you describe synth pop to your grandparents or a child to better understand it?

It’s music, with the use of synths.

How does your personality come through the help of fashion and make-up?

My personality is in the work. Fashion has always been an enormous part of who I am, so to not include that component in the work that I’m doing would be very unnatural for this project.

What’s your favorite activity on a free day?

Sightseeing! Thrifting! Eating!


Is my worst nightmare.


Is home.

Sex is…

Very necessary.

In my wardrobe…

Everything is color coded.

Style is…

A window to the soul.

If you want to keep up with the creative universe of Prinze George, check out the virtual home.

'Illiterate Synth Pop', the debut album, by Prinze George is out now. Purchase here: Soundcloud.