Summer healthy foods to boost the brain

Summer healthy foods to boost the brain

When summer comes, the only thing that’s on our mind is bikinis, holidays, cocktails and ice-creams. But if you’re stuck in the city like us for most of the torrid season and because at Backstyle YOU come first, we bring to you an easy guide to boost your mood, health and brain the following hot weeks with food.

Food should always be on your mind – delicious, healthy and vitalizing. Along with air and water it’s a powerful life source and the main reason for fit and glowing. If you’re feeling drained from work and hot and humid climate, you need to eat and drink the right nutrients, but discover more below.

During this time of year, it’s important to hydrate the body with seasonal fruits and veggies like plums, apricots, nectarines, melons and watermelons, but also things like cucumber and eggplants. It’s also important to drink lots of water and green teas. If you’re not fond of simple water, add slices of lemon, mint or basil to it and you’ll love it!

It’s also vital that you wake up early and have a big breakfast, but avoid milk with cereals and go instead for mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, eggs, meat or soy, some blueberries and a banana, a slice of bread and even a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. If this is not your style, you can try oats with soy or other milk and even a sweet potato with some ricotta.

The rest of the meals should complement your breakfast. For example soups and salads are great for lunch. Nuts, seeds and dry fruits will go wonderful with the mid-day munchies when you’re stuck at work. And at night you can indulge in some small plate of shrimp pasta or some type of meat-veggies-grains combo.

The Japanese love to eat a lot of grains for breakfast, even noodles. Then, they like their meat with their veggies and a small side of rice. Of course, you already know that they live a long and healthy life, and this might also be because they keep dairy and fruits at the bottom of the list – two servings per day, because they have a lot of fats and unnecessary sugars.

What’s your meal of choice? Let us know in a comment below.