Personal Consulting

“My Backstyle session helped me to find out more about me, my style and even my
personality.” Sarah, 31, Marketing Manager

You always wanted someone to give a second opinion about your look, helping you to re-discover your style…To have your own personal stylist working with you, giving you advice and talking
about your personal brand? Now it’s your time! Let our professional backstylist Alexs Varjao come to your home and find out more
about your wardrobe, your style and your personality!


At Backstyle YOU come first! And here the focus of your personal style consulting  will be:


  • - Listening you
  • - Reorganizing your own style from your wardrobe
  • - Checking clothes you don’t wear or like anymore
  • - Creating more space for your stuff and make easier your day-by-day
  •  - Finding new combinations of the clothes you already have
  • - After that, we could also plan a Shopping Day. By YOURSELF, Of course! After all, you will able to do it, because YOU come first!


Here you can read the feedback of people, who already did the backstyle personal consulting.



If you are interested in doing a Backstyle Personal Consulting, please write an email to [email protected] and our backstylist Alexs Varjao will contact you.

*Service actually available only in Germany, Austria, Spain.

 *The price for an Backstyle Personal Consulting is informed only by email. Please, don´t hesitate to contact us. We will do all possible to help you and realize your Personal Consulting.