Can I keep my clothes on

At Backstyle, even in the bedroom department, we like to encourage you to always try new things and spice it up.

Between sexualities: where does it come from?

In this crazy world we live in, each person is unique.

What is cross-dressing?

Back in the old days, a lot of male actors were expected to cross-dress for theater plays as there weren’t many women going up on stage.

What are the real roots of fantasies?

Today, because at Backstyle YOU come first, we bring to you a new relationship topic about what are the real roots of fantasies.

Striptease 2017 – how to strip and tease in the New Year

This year it’s all about going back to the basics and what better way to do it than with a bit of strip and tease.

How to love yourself to love others

In this day and age, with a big access to information everywhere we look, we’ve become a bit robotized.

Music guide - soundtrack for sex

When it comes to sex, there are a few situations going on.

Masturbation - the benefits for better sex

Masturbation has definitely come a long way since scientists labeled it a profanation of the body, a deviance of the mind and all in all a hush-hush manipulatio...

Sexting in the XXI century – menage a trois with the phone

The 21st century is a fast forward one. Life is no longer lived in the moment, but in the digital age.

Style Icon: Robert Mapplethorpe

At the Backstyle headquarters, because it’s summer and YOU come first, we have to share with you a little dirty secret about our style icon of the month.

Is bondage a step back or forward for relationships

Today, at Backstyle because YOU come first, we ask ourselves given the current social context if bondage is a step back or forward for relationships.

SEX without YES is not fun

When talking about sex, people should always do it with a smile on their face. But in today’s age, this is not the case all the time, as sex without YES is no...